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Strategy is an art that requires constant practice and direct experience in multiple and complex scenarios. With the collaboration of a carefully selected team, we provide consultancy and strategic planning aimed at creating, implementing and enhancing brands, Top Level Executives, Leaders, Managers, executives, professionals, projects and any organization that needs to draw on new international networks, with not only strategic but also tactical support.

We are structured to provide a full suite of services, including complex multi-disciplinary project management.

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Brand Reputation

Image and reputation are everything. We apply highly effective strategies and solutions to build, manage, strengthen and protect the reputation of individuals, startups, international giants, governmental institutions or political movements.

Highly technological means are used combined with traditional ones in combination with innovative strategies. Thanks to the vast international network of which we belong, in which influential representatives of various categories are present, we are moved by the one and only objective of strengthening your reputation and amplifying your earnings, whether they are of an economic-financial nature or pure image.

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Business Strategy

Working in close collaboration with the client, we help them develop and produce winning strategies. Sustainability and success are the objectives and results to which every company aspires. Often, however, in the absence of the right strategies, all efforts are in vain.

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KITAMURA Mentoring

An alternative and modern coaching | Mentoring, but based on ancient Japanese disciplines of mental enhancement whose effectiveness is widely recognized and scientifically proven.

Who is it aimed at?

Top level executives, young executives with high potential, managers, leaders, sector heads, executives, talents, startuppers, professionals, salespeople and entrepreneurs, all key figures with great responsibility, subjected to a very high level of psycho-physical stress.

Start-up Business Team at a Training Course

One to One


Sixty minutes of one-to-one strategic consulting, on Zoom, to talk about your business or personal projects, request support in creating an effective multi-level strategy, plan the right parameters for solving a problem or for achieving goals, including the best methodologies for developing mental potential and reprogramming the subconscious. Sixty minutes is not much, but it is often enough to transform a life for the better!

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